From 1st - 12th April

A-Level and GCSE Intensive Easter Revision Classes 2024

Guided Revision

Our classes are tailored to cover key exam topics, ensuring that you're well-prepared for success.

Strategic Exam Smashing

Learn powerful exam techniques that will empower you to approach your exams with confidence and efficiency.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the expertise of highly qualified and experienced tutors, specialists in their field who are committed to helping you reach your full potential.

Last-Minute Mastery

Use the Easter break strategically to reinforce your knowledge, address weak areas, and solidify your strengths.

Dates, Fees & Availability, Easter 2024

Week 1: Mon 25th March - Fri 29th March

Week 2: Mon 01st April - Fri 05th April

Week 3: Mon 08th April - Fri 12th April

Subjects: Maths, English, Science, History

Level: GCSE and A-Level

GCSE English Lessons: 10hrs/Week from 10am to 12pm Monday to Friday - £200/week

GCSE Maths Lessons: 10hrs/Week from 1pm to 3pm Monday to Friday - £200/week

GCSE Science Lessons: 10hrs/Week from 4pm to 6pm Monday to Friday - £200/week

GCSE History Lessons: 4hrs/Week from 3pm to 5pm Tuesday and Wednesday - £80/week

A-Level Maths Lessons: 10hrs/Week from 10am to 12pm Monday to Friday - £300/week

A-Level English Lessons: 4hrs/Week from 1pm to 3pm Tuesday and Wednesday - £120/week

  • ✅ Key Benefits:

    • Maximised Grade Potential: By participating in our Easter Revision Class, you'll significantly enhance your ability to achieve top grades in your A-Level or GCSE exams.
    • Intensive Revision: Easter offers a crucial window to consolidate your understanding of the syllabus, practice exam techniques, and strengthen your subject knowledge.
    • Exam Technique Mastery: Learn the art of exam-taking with expert guidance on exam techniques, equipping students with the skills needed to excel under exam conditions.
    • Personalised Attention: Benefit from small class sizes and guidance from experienced tutors specialised in A-Level and GCSE levels, enabling you to address weaknesses and overcome challenges effectively.
    • Guided Revision: Our classes are meticulously designed to help you outline and conquer areas of weakness, providing a comprehensive review of the syllabus.
    • Increased Confidence: Engage with like-minded peers and receive tailored support to build confidence in tackling exam questions with ease.
    • Specialised Tutors: Our tutors are specialists in their respective fields, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide students through their revision journey.
    • Examiner Insights: Gain a unique advantage with some of our tutors serving as examiners for the Boards. Benefit from insider tips and strategies straight from those who know the exams inside out.
  • 📆 Plan, Prepare, Succeed!

    • Easter is the prime time for GCSE revision, and our Easter Revision Classes have gained popularity for their effectiveness in helping students achieve their academic goals. With our wealth of experience and dedication to student success, we provide the perfect platform for you to work hard and realise your aspirations.
    • Enroll in District Tuition's Easter Revision Classes today to equip yourself with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel in your A-Level and GCSE exams. Don't miss this opportunity to fine-tune your revision approach and set yourself up for success. Contact us at 01946817808 to secure your place and embark on a journey towards academic excellence! 🚀🎓

🌟 Smash Your Exams with Easter Revision Classes! 📚💥

Looking to supercharge your exam preparation?

  • Dive into our A-Level and GCSE Easter Revision classes for an early boost to your studies. Our meticulously structured revision programs place emphasis right where it's needed, offering ample practice with past papers to hone your skills.
  • Led by top-tier tutors, many of whom are specialists in their respective fields, our classes bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide you through your revision journey. Gain a competitive edge with insights from tutors who also serve as examiners for the Boards, offering insider tips and strategies to navigate exams with confidence.
  • We're dedicated to helping you overcome challenging areas and build the confidence needed to excel in your summer examinations. Our classes provide a calm and supportive environment, focusing on proven exam techniques and addressing individual problem areas to optimize your performance.
  • Expect an intensive and rewarding experience during our Easter Revision classes as we work together to maximise your potential. Join us and take the first step towards achieving your academic goals with confidence.
  • Expert Guidance

    Our classes are led by experienced tutors who are specialists in their respective fields. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, they provide personalised guidance to help students excel in their exams.

  • Proven Results

    We have a track record of success, with many students achieving their desired grades after attending our revision classes. Our focus on exam technique, practice papers, and targeted support ensures tangible results.

  • Examiner Insights

    Gain a unique advantage with some of our tutors also serving as examiners for the Boards. Benefit from insider tips and strategies straight from those who understand the exam process intimately.

  • Small Class Sizes

    We believe in providing individualised attention to each student. With small class sizes, we can tailor our approach to address the specific needs of every student, fostering a supportive and conducive learning environment.

  • Comprehensive Revision

    Our classes cover all key topics of the syllabus, helping students to build a solid understanding of the subject matter. We also focus on identifying and overcoming areas of weakness to ensure thorough preparation for exams.

  • Confidence Building

    Our Easter Revision classes are tailored to instill confidence in students, ensuring they feel prepared and empowered to tackle their exams smoothly.

What Parents and Students Say About Us

Below are a few of the reviews that what people are saying about us.

  • Tommy Mann

    I am writing to thank you for helping my son accomplish his goals and getting the gcse grades he needed first time. My son found District Tuition a very relaxed and casual place to learn and the tutors are very friendly, open and honest. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs to improve on there maths and English. “Thanks for doing what you do!” Tommy Mann

  • Katrina Rourke

    District Tuition are fabulous tutors. Their approach is unique, fun and engaging. My daughter looks forward to her lessons and is growing in confidence because of Desmond's positive teaching style. He has a very friendly and upbeat personality and is great at building children up, helping them to fulfil their potential. He is exactly what I was looking for and I couldn't be happier with my choice. Keep up the good work. 👍 5 stars from the Rourke's 😊

  • Sarah Burrows

    I recommend 100 per cent. Des was flexible, understanding and motivational. He had great rapport with my son and we were delighted with GCSE results.

  • Debbie Robinson

    Amazing couple! Super helpful. They make maths fun and easy to understand. 100% pass marks thank you very much. Highly recommend