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Maths Tuition for Children

– District Tuition offers 1-to-1 online and face-to-face lessons for children from year 4 upwards. Whether your child is 4+, preparing for SATs, 11+ or GCSE, our Maths tutors will change that as they equip your child with the confidence, skills and understanding to tackle any challenge.

– Children can get lost in a school class or privately-led group tuition. With one-to-one tuition, it means we can focus on where their weaknesses are and strengthen those. They do not need to be afraid to put up their hand and ask.

– District Tuition is a small team of inspiring Maths tutors, so quality is guaranteed. Each Maths tutor is wholly invested in your child. We work hard to build strong relationships with each child so that we have a growth mindset and are ready to learn.

Struggling? Doing OK? High Achiever?

We are here to help your children improve their grades, whatever their abilities

Maths Tuition for Primary School age

For primary school children, from school year 4, there are various levels of maths, depending on need. This can be to increase confidence or to help improve overall attainment. The sorts of areas that our tutors always cover are:

– Confidence in times tables

– Skills and different methods for multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting

– Fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios

– Mental arithmetic

– “Wordy” questions

– Rules of BODMAS

Maths Tuition for Secondary School age

– From year 7 to 11 inclusive, or older if looking at retakes for GCSE. It’s all about boosting your child’s confidence in maths.

– The initial focus, for all ages, is on number skills. Once we establish the basics of adding/multiplying, etc... we move on to prime numbers, factors, HCF/LCM etc. Typical areas that follow are Algebra, Graphs, Area and Volume, Geometry, and Statistics.

– In years 10 and 11, we then work on past papers and plenty of practice, especially on specific areas needed for focus. Where there are difficulties, our tutors use lots of different resources for targeting these.

– Help is provided across all exam boards and all levels – to cover Foundation or Higher papers.

– We spend plenty of time on exam techniques – instrumental where the focus is on aiming for a specific grade. It’s all about chasing every mark!

Private Maths Tuition for children - District Tuition

Interested? Want to book a Maths Lesson?

We have plenty of opportunities for daytime lessons and after-school lessons. If you send us a tutor request form, we usually try to call you back as soon as possible and have a quick chat about the specifics of tuition you are looking for, and we can discuss then what options there are for you.

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  • Tommy Mann

    I am writing to thank you for helping my son accomplish his goals and getting the gcse grades he needed first time. My son found District Tuition a very relaxed and casual place to learn and the tutors are very friendly, open and honest. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs to improve on there maths and English. “Thanks for doing what you do!” Tommy Mann

  • Katrina Rourke

    District Tuition are fabulous tutors. Their approach is unique, fun and engaging. My daughter looks forward to her lessons and is growing in confidence because of Desmond's positive teaching style. He has a very friendly and upbeat personality and is great at building children up, helping them to fulfil their potential. He is exactly what I was looking for and I couldn't be happier with my choice. Keep up the good work. 👍 5 stars from the Rourke's 😊

  • Sarah Burrows

    I recommend 100 per cent. Des was flexible, understanding and motivational. He had great rapport with my son and we were delighted with GCSE results.

  • Debbie Robinson

    Amazing couple! Super helpful. They make maths fun and easy to understand. 100% pass marks thank you very much. Highly recommend