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Online Lessons for Children

District Tuition offers 1-to-1 online lessons for children from year 4 upwards, covering Maths, English and Guitar. Keep your child’s studies on track with one-to-one, tailored & interactive online tuition. Book a lesson with us today!

What can District Tuition offer my child with online lessons?

– For each lesson, we provide the needed resources – emailed in advance.

– The one-hour lesson is conducted online (using “free to access” software). Tutors will present materials on screen and guide your child through their work.

– Class and homework are sent to you electronically (with free software).

– All work is marked and reviewed (as necessary) in subsequent lessons. Older children can often mark their work and sometimes send over schoolwork they want help with.

– As these lessons are bespoke, work will be set each week based on your child’s progress.

How can I access online lessons for my child?

To access online lessons with District Tuition, you will need the following at home:

– a computer, either a laptop (preferable) or a tablet

– either a built-in camera/microphone for the computer or separate hardware that you plug in

– a printer (nothing fancy, black and white is fine)

– a smartphone (iPhone or Android) OR a tablet with a camera

Online Private Tuition - District Tuition

Want to find out more about online lessons for your child?

We have plenty of opportunities for daytime online lessons – don't hesitate to contact us today to arrange a day and time to suit you or find out more.

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